A Stack AV truck on the move
Revolutionizing the Transportation of Goods
Stack is revolutionizing the transportation industry through the deployment of advanced autonomous systems designed to meet the safety, reliability, and efficiency demands of the trucking industry.
A Stack AV truck
We develop trucking solutions

Focused on our customers' needs, Stack is designing solutions to alleviate challenges faced by the trucking industry to create smarter supply chains for partners, improve business outcomes for customers, deliver goods to end-users faster, and move the trucking industry forward.

Stack AV employee making sure a truck is ready to be driven
Safety is at our core

Safety is the foundation of our culture. We embrace a safety-focused approach driven by transparency and accountability.

A stylized image of a circuit board
AI powers our autonomy

Stack's autonomous technology incorporates cutting-edge advancements in artificial intelligence, robotics, machine learning, and cloud technologies, empowering us to create innovative solutions that address the needs and challenges of the dynamic trucking industry.

Two Stack AV employees collaboratively working on a laptop in a truck
Our people determine our success

With decades of experience creating and deploying real world systems for demanding environments, the Stack team is dedicated to developing an autonomous solution ecosystem tailored to the trucking industry's unique demands.