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Defining a culture of excellence
Here at Stack, we love what we do, we set high standards, and we deliver customer outcomes. We believe in a culture that promotes safety, excellence, humility, grit, transparency, and passion. This combination of values creates an environment that ensures safe, reliable, and effective solutions that can revolutionize the transportation of goods.


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Safety is our foundation. Individually and collectively, we embrace our obligation to be responsible and ensure that safety is our company's bedrock.

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As a team, we execute and deliver a world class product that brings value to our customers by solving their critical business needs in a safe and efficient manner. Our accomplishments together are greater than any effort individually.

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We operate with respect for all, and are humble in our achievements and mistakes. We take ownership of our conduct, embrace one another's differences, and uphold an environment of kindness and dignity.

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The path to success is rarely straight or smooth. We succeed as a team through disciplined execution, working together to understand the problems at a fundamental level and developing thoughtful and practical solutions.

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We are transparent and honest about the facts of our execution and hold ourselves accountable to drive real, continuous improvement through our work and to foster public trust and support of our products and services.

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We are passionate about our mission, and our culture. Our passion motivates our success and creates an environment where our teams thrive.


Headshot of Bryan Salesky
Bryan Salesky
Bryan has long pioneered the use of robotics technology in products and systems that will improve safety and productivity. For over a decade, he has led large autonomy initiatives of vehicles that range from mining trucks to urban automobiles in many organizations including Carnegie Mellon University and Google. In 2016, Bryan co-founded Argo AI, an autonomy company that offered autonomous rides to the public in Miami and Austin. Bryan serves on the Boards of University of Pittsburgh and the PNC Financial Services Group. Bryan graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a bachelor's degree in computer engineering in 2002.
Headshot of Peter Rander
Peter Rander, Ph.D.
Peter is a seasoned roboticist and leader in the development of complex, autonomy-enabled systems. With a conviction that robotics technology will improve the world, Peter has consistently pursued opportunities to make this belief reality in organizations including Carnegie Mellon University, Uber ATG, and his own company, Argo AI, which he co-founded in 2016. Peter serves on the Board of Directors of the Pittsburgh Robotics Network. He holds a Ph.D. (1998) and a master's degree (1993) in Robotics from Carnegie Mellon University and a bachelor's degree (1991) in electrical engineering from the University of Detroit-Mercy.
Headshot of Brett Browning
Brett Browning, Ph.D.
With more than two decades of experience in robotics, Brett is a recognized expert at architecting, developing, and deploying robotics systems. Brett has deep knowledge of every major subsystem relevant to a network of autonomous vehicles. He has led a large number of complex robotics projects ranging from self-driving taxis to autonomous heavy-duty mining vehicles at several organizations, including Carnegie Mellon University, Uber ATG, and Argo AI. Brett received his Ph.D. (2000) and bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and science from the University of Queensland.
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